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Who are the most eco-friendly companies in flyering?

Whilst a traditional form of marketing, flyering is still popular in the 21st century. In fact, some of the world’s biggest brands utilize flyer distribution to connect with their target market. However, the environmental impact of flyer production and distribution cannot be ignored.

Fortunately, several innovative companies have revolutionized the industry and have embraced sustainable flyering practices. Recognizing the efforts of such businesses is essential, so in this blog post, we will highlight some of the most environmentally friendly flyer distribution companies and explore how they are improving the industry!

Top 5 sustainable flyer distributors


Based in the UK, Leafletdrop provides consumers with environmentally responsible leaflet delivery alternatives. To reduce their carbon footprint, they combine walking and cycling for delivery and provide recycled or biodegradable paper options for printed products. Indeed, Leafletdrop promotes sustainability throughout its practices and advocates for a greener future.


Solopress is a printing business that provides environmentally friendly paper options for its goods. They employ soy-based inks, which are more environmentally friendly than conventional petroleum-based inks, and FSC-certified paper, which guarantees that the paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Moreover, the company boasts the Solopress Green range, which is 100% recycled and recyclable after use and produced on materials with zero carbon footprint.

Print Revolution

Specializing in environmentally friendly printing, Print Revolution employs 100% recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and a closed-loop water system. The company has been awarded a Carbon Capture Certificate and works in partnership with the Woodland Trust. This partnership and certification enable Print Revolution to plant native woodland, reducing carbon emissions.


CitySprint is a delivery and courier service that provides environmentally friendly delivery solutions. In order to lessen their carbon impact, they have a fleet of low-emission vehicles, such as electric and hybrid cars, as well as a carbon-neutral delivery option. Certified as a carbon-neutral business, CitySprint has gone above and beyond to produce a sustainable form of flyer distribution.

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As climate change becomes an even more significant concern, it’s important that we all do our bit to lessen our carbon footprint. These companies set an example for the flyering industry by prioritizing eco-friendly solutions and promoting sustainability. From using recycled materials to implementing sustainable delivery methods, the aforementioned companies are reducing waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. As such, by choosing these environmentally conscious companies, businesses can generate a positive impact on the environment whilst effectively reaching their desired audience.

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