See every detail of your campaign in real time

Ensure your campaign’s operating smoothly through our cutting-edge tracking platform – it’s never been easier to monitor your campaign data.

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Manage your campaign’s progress: Follow a timeline

We deliver on time, every time. 

Transparency is imperative, which is why we provide you with a clear timeline for your campaign. You’ll receive updates when your campaign reaches essential milestones, and you can check in whenever and wherever you please!

From your digital proofs to the moment your flyers are distributed, you’ll be kept in the loop, so you can be sure your campaign suits your schedule.

Assess your campaign performance: Achieve your goals

Are you tired of managing dozens of spreadsheets? We’ve got you covered. 

Our platform features a clear-to-read graph that shows how your campaign is performing. You can track how unique scans your flyers have received, and you can use this data to optimize your future campaigns. Simply, our platform is easy to navigate, concise, and informative.

You don’t have to worry about updating your analytics – it’s all automated!

Watch your conversions rise: Meet your new customers

We choose to operate with total transparency. 

Before your campaign begins, you’ll be able to check when, where, and how your flyer distribution will take place. All the information you need will be displayed on a single page – and don’t worry about any technical jargon, as we break down each step in a way that’s easy to understand.

Plan your campaign with ease; share your campaign with colleagues; and prepare yourself for flyer distribution success.

Take the guesswork out of flyer distribution. Try our tracking system and watch your business grow. Contact us to learn more and start tracking your success!