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Earn money in your spare time and promote
companies like Uber, Doordash, Amazon, and many more.

Why become a brand ambassador?

Are you a student who has extra time between class? Do you have a career in the promo industry and have time in between gigs? Or do you just enjoy having extra cash to spend? If you answered yes to any of the above, we have great news for you!
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At Oppizi, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of deciding when and where to work.  With operations in 71 cities across the globe, we are paving the way for a more independent brand ambassador experience. You don’t need previous experience as a Brand Ambassador to be considered and becoming one teaches you useful skills for your future.

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We currently have more than 2000 brand ambassadors

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Brand Ambassador Sydney

Working for Oppizi for almost 1 year has allowed me to learn time management, organisation skills & various sales techniques. The fac that we are able to choose when & where to work has allowed me to continue my studies & other obligations while distributing flyers.

Brand Ambassador picture

Brand Ambassador Sydney

Working for Oppizi was an incredible experience as it allowed me to work across all of New Zealand, encounter a variety of people while being a backpacker.

Brand Ambassador picture

Brand Ambassador Sydney

Working as a brand ambassador has been very rewarding since I started. Every mission is full of excitement that comes with meeting new people everyday from various nationalities. The flexibility of the position based on my availability has been why I thoroughly enjoy working as a brand ambassador.

Brand Ambassador picture

Brand Ambassador Sydney

As a university student I am able to balance my work and university courses easily. Working as a brand ambassador has been a great opportunity to be in constant contact with new people making the on-street work very enjoyable