How to Promote Your Business with Custom Flyers?

Despite the substantial influx of social media content into our lives, promotional print materials continue to grab our attention in multiple ways. 

Flyers are a proven approach to promote an established as well as a start-up business.

Custom business flyers are affordable, easy, and effective. While designing flyers to advertise a business, keep a check on the following tips. 

  • Think from the customer viewpoint.
  • Keep your content short and crisp.
  • Use large font sizes and legible font types.
  • Choose colors that support your message. 
  • Add your contact information and a call-to-action.
  • Add a catchy headline. (Example: Get 20% using the code AABBCC).
  • Proofread the content before you go ahead with the business flyers printing.
  • Review your content and design with your team and get some honest opinions. 

Top Ten Benefits of Using Custom Flyers to Promote Your Business

1. Versatile

Businesses flyer can be used for different purposes. For instance, your professional business flyer can announce the launch of your store in a new neighborhood. Or it can carry information about the in-store offers available for the season. Flyers can also act as discount coupons.

2. Tangible

Flyers are a physical reminder of your business. Unlike an overlooked social media post or an unread email, flyers are more tangible. 

3. Creative

Creative promotional flyers for businesses can make a long-lasting impact on potential customers. You can experiment with different designs, patterns, sizes, and images. There are no set rules or limitations with flyers. 

4. Simple 

Flyers are ubiquitous. They are simple and straightforward. There is no need for a password, a portal, or a specialized device to access flyers. They are one of the oldest marketing techniques with a proven track record. 

5. Cost-Effective

Flyers for businesses are pocket-friendly. They do not demand heavy investments. You do not have to spend months or weeks planning and preparing for the distribution of flyers. With a solid purpose and some professional help, you are all set to take the plunge. 

6. A Good Branding Tool

Incorporating flyers into your marketing mix is a great way to create brand awareness in your local community. Using flyers for advertising allows your target audience to get a fair idea about your business’s overall look and feel. 

7. Easy to Read

Well-designed flyers are attractive and hard to ignore. Flyers are easy to absorb and can convey a message powerfully. 

8. More Direct

Businesses can distribute flyers directly to consumers. Direct encounters offer first-hand information about consumer reactions towards your business or brand.

9. A Link to Other Channels 

Business flyers carry information about your website and social media pages. They can direct your customers to other channels of marketing effortlessly. Business flyer can increase customer engagement levels. 

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

10. Measurable Results 

There are several ways to track the performance of your flyers. 

Print a QR code on your flyer that can direct customers to your webpage. A subsequent increase in traffic to your webpage implies that your flyer is working. 

Include a coupon code to avail of a special offer at your store. When you have more people walking into your store and redeeming the offer code, you know you have targeted the right audience. 


Ten Steps to Create Custom Flyers to Promote Your Business

Creating flyers is not a difficult task. A well-organized approach to making and using flyers is the key to achieving optimal ROI. Here is a plan to help you with flyers. 

Step 1: Define Your Marketing Strategy

Determine the purpose behind choosing custom business flyers. Define the message that you intend to convey through your business flyers.

Next, determine your budget. Think about how you can measure the performance of your flyers and thus calculate your ROI. 

For example, if you are unveiling a new product line and want to get the news across to your customers, focus on creating a flyer around that same message. 

Oppizi helps businesses with their offline promotions through leaflet and flyer distribution powered by technology. If you think tracking offline marketing campaigns isn’t possible, Oppizi’s technology will make you think otherwise.

Oppizi lets you plan your flyer distribution campaign from scratch by targeting your target users and their demographics. Using the tool’s API, you can completely customize your flyer format and ensure that it meets your business goals.

Once you customize your business flyers and roll out the campaign, you can easily track check-in time powered by GPS tracking and measure the conversion rate to calculate your ROI.

Oppizi allows you to track and measure 14 metrics at a glance on its super simple dashboard. You can analyze and forecast campaign performance and results to ensure its maximum effectiveness.

Step 2: Understand Your Target Audience

Before you start creating business flyer, ask the following questions. Accurate answers to these questions can help you to understand your target audience better. 

  • Who is my potential customer?
  • Will my product/service be valuable to my customer?
  • Will my message create an impact for my target audience?
  • What are the ideal ways to get the promotional message across to my potential customers?

The answers form the basis for the design and implementation of your flyer campaign.

Step 3: Hire a Designer 

Many businesses try to design flyers by themselves. However, hiring a professional designer is a more practical and recommended option. A seasoned designer is well-versed with the nuances of creating a friendly and straightforward flyer within a short period. 

Step 4: Hire the Right Distribution Partner

Next, choose a partner who can deliver a good distribution strategy. There are multiple ways to distribute flyers. There is direct mail, door-to-door distribution, hand-to-hand street marketing, and so on. 

Your distribution partner can help you to optimize distribution times and locations for conversion. They can also help you to track your conversion rate and cost-per-action with in-depth detail. Professional help is recommended if you wish to explore untapped markets. 

Step 5: Be Creative

Sometimes, flyers for businesses can go unnoticed. The key is to make it simple and creative. Use quirky designs, eye catching phrases, and powerful images to grab the attention of your customers. 

Add one or more elements of surprise into your flyers. Humor, paper engineering techniques, and artful finishes are some of the ways to turn your usual flyer into something extraordinary. 

Step 6: Include a strong CTA

A compelling CTA will push more people to check out your business. CTAs will also help to track the effectiveness of your flyer.

The flyer design must highlight the CTA and make it more noticeable. 

It is a brilliant idea to use CTAs to prompt future sales. For instance, “Explore our summer collection of dresses before 31st July and get an additional 10% on your next purchase.” The CTA rewards your new customer to come back to you for more. 

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

Step 7: Include Interesting Design Elements

Include exciting photos and shapes when using flyers to promote your business. There are many design hacks that can make your flyer stand out. For instance, using bright blue or yellow colors against a grayscale background makes the design pop out. 

Choose a color scheme that reflects your brand colors. Use different font sizes to increase readability. Include small icons and images that can convey your message graphically. Your design must be able to convey your message with just a glance. Here are some sample business flyers to get inspiration from. 

Step 8: Focus on Content and Images of Your Flyer

Keep your content short and crisp. Use simple sentences and add a unique headline. Avoid too many sentences and eliminate clutter. 

Please make use of both sides of the flyers as they can be cost-efficient. Complement your main message with additional information like testimonials, recent achievements, and a comprehensive list of your services. 

Images can create a strong impact on the viewer. Ensure that the images are high-quality, relevant, and appropriate. Since most people read the flyer from the top, you can place images on the top part of the flyer. 

Match the colors of the image to the theme of the flyer. Ensure that the colors complement your business logo.

Step 9: Distribute the Flyers at the Right Places

A scattershot approach can help you realize better returns with a higher volume of flyers. However, this is not a cost-efficient tactic. 

Avoid random distribution of flyers. Instead, study your target demographics more profoundly and make distribution narrower. 

You can hire a distributor to place your flyers in mailboxes or opt for a hand-to-hand delivery. Flyers can be handed out at public events, presentations, and fairs, based on the nature of your business. 

At Oppizi, we have a team of experts who have been doing the flyer distribution business for more than 7 years, which gave us a rich insight into important data related to business flyer distribution. Check out our industry data insights that include  cost per acquisition, usual conversion rates by channel, to best practices. 

In addition to the above methods, hand out custom business flyers to all customers visiting your store. Place a tray of flyers outside your store, and passersby can quickly learn about your offers and services. 

Reinforce your brand by targeting the same postcodes. While using flyers to promote your business, ensure there is no cannibalization of your other marketing channels. 

Step 10: Follow Up Your Campaign at Every Step

Make use of relevant technology tools like Machine Learning (ML) to assess the performance of your flyers at a granular level. Collect campaign data to track significant customer engagement trends with flyers. Uncover customer habits that are aligned to positive feedback about the flyers. 

After every mission, keep track of the number of flyers distributed, budget spent, conversion rate, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), average redeem time of a flyer, and much more. 

Take professional help to measure the ROI of your campaign accurately. 


Promotional flyers for business are one of the best marketing tools available today. 

A well-planned campaign launch, attention to detail, and a solid campaign review plan are the most critical factors that help flyer campaigns achieve more significant business. Learn more about planning and launching offline flyer distribution campaigns by requesting a demo here.

Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker