Is Offline Marketing Dead? Nope, It’s Alive and Kicking

Marketing for any business is essential, but we all know that. Marketing is something you have to master if you want to compete in your market, attract new customers, and engage current customers. It’s a fact. In the same vein, marketing without direction is pretty much pointless. The two go hand-in-hand. Without direction, you stand to waste time and budget.

Offline marketing can help you engage your target demographic at volume, and many companies overlook the value offline marketing campaigns can offer. Offline marketing campaigns can help plug gaps that can’t be filled by digital campaigns, i.e. personable, face-to-face communication and reaching untapped audiences.

Let’s take some time to discover more about what makes offline marketing a thriving business marketing strategy.

Tech now supports offline marketing

The bones offline marketing strategies haven’t changed drastically over the years; its predictable nature means businesses and audiences know what to expect — it’s familiar to everyone. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t new exciting ways to reach your audience in an offline capacity.

The introduction of technology has made offline marketing easier to measure and control — which was the major gripe for this marketing strategy. Take flyer distribution software; for example, you can track precise flyer locations, stop, start, pause your campaign whenever, and view real-time flyer distribution results. Being able to measure your offline marketing performance is the key to effective marketing.

Offline marketing has been proven to deliver outstanding results across different sectors, and it appeals to all ages. According to the Direct Marketing Association, all age groups are interested in receiving and responding to mail. And numbers for younger people are growing.

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Consumers crave social interaction

Over the last 12 months, we’ve all experienced major social disconnect — no matter how many Zoom meetings you attend, you still crave that social interaction. People crave their office water cooler moments so much that they’re finding remote ways to recreate these informal but crucial social interactions.

So in a world where we are scrolling limitlessly through social media and communicate solely through screens, wouldn’t it be nice to feel a little more connected? The connection brands make with consumers directly affects their bottom line — research found that 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them and when customers feel connected to them, over half of consumers will increase their spending with that brand. Offline marketing can help you achieve this social connection consumers yearn for.

Flyer distribution is perfect for this kind of marketing. Marketing can quickly become faceless, but as a leaflet distributor approaches a consumer donning a branded t-shirt and armed with discounts and offers galore, who wouldn’t be interested?

Offline marketing offers you the chance to be different

Offline marketing is usually a one-way street. You put your brand out there through TV, billboard advertising or leaflet drop, and you hope in the small window when consumers see it that they remember it. It’s risky, particularly if you don’t have eye-popping graphics or a message that resonates. Phew, that sounds stressful.

That’s why here at Oppizi, we work alongside your marketing team to create the best lasting impression for your customers. We know what works, and you can trust us to send you designs that elicit a wide-smile response. We have a team of designers just waiting to get their creative juices flowing.

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Arthur Favier


CEO of Oppizi, is a forward-thinking leader deeply passionate about marketing technology. His mission is to revolutionize offline marketing on a large scale in today's predominantly digital landscape. Through his vision, Oppizi aims to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels, offering advertisers comprehensive solutions which resonate with audiences across various touchpoints.