New marketing channels to test out post-covid

Which marketing channels should you try post-covid? Here are some for consideration.

Vaccines are being rolled out and restrictions slowly lifted, so what does all this mean for your brand? It means it’s time to kick into action and test out some new marketing channels — channels you might not have thought about pursuing pre-covid.

Here are three channels we think you should seriously consider to acquire new customers and make up for some lost time!

1. Word of mouth 

Word of mouth marketing, when done right, is powerful. According to a report published by Nielson, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. But what about online reviews and customer experiences? What kind of weight do they have in the consumer’s buying decision? According to BrightLocal, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.

But how can you take advantage of word of mouth marketing? Encourage all customers to post a review. You can incentivise them to leave a positive review, but you can enter them into a draw to win something of value regardless of what kind of review they leave you. Then showcase your reviews loud and proud on prominent landing pages, share them across your socials and encourage happy customers to refer friends and family in exchange for discounts or points.

2. Embrace AI with chatbots

Consumers want immediate customer service, and if your human sales team isn’t available 24/7, the artificial intelligence of a chatbot can be. Not only can chatbots trim operational costs, but they can also help improve the customer’s experience with your brand.

It might not seem like much of a marketing opportunity, you might think. But that’s not true. Chatbots offer the chance to drip feed important information to customers, right when they need it, instead of having them wait around for a human to show up and answer their questions.

We’re aware chatbots can remove the humanising brand elements you’ve so lovingly built, but it’s a better alternative when there’s no one else. Chatbots also help you connect with audience members you might not have reached before — those customers who prefer instant communication whatever the time. Chatbots allow you to answer basic questions about your brand, offer up important information such as opening hours, and even help them find other relevant content across your site. 

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3. Offline marketing channels

The pandemic has meant industries adapted how they sold products. Shifting from in-store to online meant they could keep their businesses afloat as consumers, too, turned to online shopping. But as shops open their doors once again, they’ll need to re-address the balance between ecommerce and in-store shopping. Digital and offline channels should integrate to build a stronger bond between you and your customers.

But which offline marketing channels should you test out? Direct mail and hand-to-hand flyer distribution are great ways to quickly build lasting brand awareness (sometimes reaching many millions with just one campaign). 

The Guardian reported that footfall in England was up 200% on 19th April due to relaxed restrictions. Now is the time to re-think your offline marketing campaigns and reach out person-to-person, building a real human connection. With all this footfall, imagine how many people our brand ambassadors could be interacting with, promoting your brand and pushing your latest offers.

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Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker