Six Key Reasons to Use Flyers to Advertise Corporate Events

The growing screen time and evolving AI technologies are setting the precursors for increasing digital ad spends. The idea is to capitalize on growing digital channels for proactive event promotions. But, that doesn’t mean people aren’t annoyed by intrusive digital ads encroaching their screens. 

Weigh in the extra screen time and dwindling attention span to the fold, and you’ve got yourself a dilemma to attract more attendees to your corporate event. That’s where flyer marketing can come to the fore. About 48% of consumers respond to the leaflets by visiting the store or requesting more information. That sounds promising! 

DMA research says that 89% of consumers remember getting a door drop, while 45% of them may even stick it up in their fridge. 

Flyers may seem like a thing of the past. Still, they remain a powerful marketing tool to deliver significant results, even today. Though it’s conventional, you can use this promotional tool to bring more attention to your event. 

How to Create a Powerful Corporate Event Flyer?

To enjoy the benefits of flyers, you need to adopt drip effect marketing combined with stunning designs. A boring image will garner zero response from the potential attendees. But, add an exciting image of the venue, add a nostalgic view, or show people how to enjoy the event; you’ll see an apparent interest. Here are some other tips to assist you. 

  • Keep your content concise and straight to the point. 
  • Flyers for event promotions must keep the tone in line with the target customers. 
  • Place the information in a readable format. Example: bullet points, large fonts, etc.
  • Include a strong call-to-action (CTA). Example: 25% discount on the ticket price for people sharing the flyer on their social media page. 
  • A folded flyer looks unique and allows you to offer a lot of information. 
  • Include all event details (place, date, time, guest list, etc.) 
  • The event promotional flyer must be consistent with the brand image, brand logo, and brand identity
  • Avoid clutter 

‍Key Reasons to Use Flyers to Advertise a Corporate Event

Businesses can engage several types of marketing media (like radio, television, social media channels, etc.) to promote or advertise a special event. However, flyers are more budget-friendly, and therefore, the preferred choice. 

There is more to choosing a flyer for an event than just cost. Read on to find out about six compelling reasons to use flyers over other marketing tools. 

1. A High-Impact and Tangible Promotion Tool

Unlike digital advertising formats, a flyer is a physical product that you can touch and feel. If you have convinced an individual to tuck your flyer into their pocket, consider your work half done. 

Amid the digital clutter, more people crave physical interactions, and with our brand ambassadors reaching out to them with a strikingly designed flyer, they’d love to hear us. The idea is to create curiosity among the target audience. An excellent print finish can do the job and prevent your flyer from ending up in the junk mail. 

Quick Tip: Add an incentive (like a freebie or a special discount) to the flyer. Incentives garner more interest and make it hard to ignore your message. 

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

2. Flyers Create A Personal Touch

Flyers can be mailed to the inbox of your customer or handed to them in person. This adds a personal angle to the relationship. 

You can include personally addressed coupons and offer cards with personalized messages. Make the readers feel like guests to your event.  

Use a QR code that gives details about the event name, venue, date, time, along with a short description. The code helps the customer to save the information on their device easily.         

Quick Tip: Use coupons with unique numbers on them. If you choose to hand the flyer in person, find out what customers think about your brand and how they associate with it. 

3. Flyers Are Hard to Ignore

A flyer for an event often demands some action. Apart from delivering important information about the corporate event, it carries a discounted ticket or free snack coupon to enjoy the event better. These small gestures may attract more attendees and create a better effect. 

If placed strategically, a poster or flyer can gain more eyeballs than a digital ad. Imagine people walking up to their favorite café or bistro and noticing your flyer posted at their eye level. Do you think they can ignore it?  

Quick Tip: Flyers with bright colors, textured finish, quirky headlines, and exclusive offers are the hardest to ignore. 

4. Flyer Distribution Isn’t a Rocket Science

You can design flyers for all types of corporate events. There are no set design rules to follow. Distribution is a different ball game, though. But, there’s no need to rely on age-old practices. You can minimize hassles and optimize results with data-based insights about your target audiences. 

Luckily, flyer marketing is evolving with digitized platforms and geeky teams that help identify the targets with the best time and place to reach them. Whether you need to invest in direct mail or hand-to-hand distribution, it becomes easier with smart analytics at your fingertips. Add our vetted brand ambassadors to the process, and your event will be a roaring success. 

Quick Tip: Choose user-friendly software to design and run the campaign from start to finish.  For designing, browse through some of the best business flyer templates. A robust flyer design sets the tone and feel of the campaign. 

5. Monitoring the Results 

You spend a lot of time and effort organizing corporate events and functions using more than one advertising channel for marketing. Naturally, you would want to assess the effectiveness of each channel. 

One of the most significant advantages of flyer marketing is measurability. It allows you to find the response rate easily. For instance, if you have announced a special ticket price for people carrying your flyer, then the turnout of people is enough to gauge the effectiveness of your effort. 

They also offer valuable insights and prepare you for the future. 

Quick Tip: Gather data about the demographics of people using the flyer to associate with your brand. Drill down the data to better understand your target audience. 

6. Flyers Create More Marketing Opportunities

The interested customer uses the information in your corporate event flyer to connect with your business. They may write to you via email, like or share your Facebook page, or tweet about your brand and the event. Thus, flyers can increase the inflow of customers to your social space. 

Then, the digital channels collect important information about the customer. The information can be added to a database and used for subsequent marketing campaigns. 

Remember, the starting point for all these activities is the humble flyer!

Quick Tip: Include a QR code for your social media pages in your flyer. QR codes make the work of your potential easier and quicker. 

Simple Ways to Reach More People with Your Event Flyers

Flyers are affordable marketing tools. They are suitable for small and big businesses. You can order them in bulk quantities and distribute them to the target audience using multiple ways. 

It is recommended to hire a good flyer distribution partner to plan a robust strategy. A good distribution company will monitor and track the impact of your entire campaign on your target audience. They will also follow up each distribution channel with actionable insights. 

Additionally, you may also try the below techniques to reach more people using your corporate business flyers.

Local businesses and shops

Hang your flyers at strategic locations across the town.  Get in touch with local shops and business stores frequented by your target audience. You may even consider handing out these collaterals to passers-by in the business or entertainment districts. 

Use your email list

Use the digital format of your flyer to reach more customers through email. If you have hosted a similar event earlier, try to reach out to people who already attended that event. 

Let our brand ambassadors do their magic

Try targeted street marketing by hiring our vetted and trained brand ambassadors to hand out your event promotion flyers. Also, you may track the performance of brand ambassadors by using the relevant technologies (like GPS). 

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

Include flyers in all your retail packages

If you have a retail outlet, place a flyer in all the shipped packages or shopping bags. Existing customers may show greater interest in your event than people who are new to your brand. Data says that nine out of ten people love to receive retail-related door drops and direct mails. 

Arrange for door-to-door delivery

Determine the neighborhoods that are most likely to attend your event. Hire a distribution company to deliver the flyer to their doorstep. Conversion rates for the approach are generally quite commendable. 

Key Takeaways

A well-designed flyer with a flawless finish is always a great way to promote your corporate event. The campaign is usually affordable and advertises your event within a short period. 

While there are many ways to get the flyers to your target audience, hiring professionals is recommended. A seasoned distribution company can formulate a strong distribution strategy, monitor the campaign’s progress, and track the results too. 

By hiring a distribution partner, you will be able to focus better on the core business activities.

Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker