The Oppizi Formula: Why 200+ Brands Are Trusting Us With Their Flyer Marketing Campaigns

However, if you’ve ever tried launching flyer and leaflet distribution missions yourselves, you know we had a long way to go to achieve this: from recruitment to vetting, and briefing Brand Ambassadors, the experience can sometimes be full of surprises.

So let me share with you the secret formula to run smooth offline marketing campaigns. There are two components to it: the WHAT and the HOW.

1. What is Oppizi implementing to consistently ensure successful flyering campaigns operations

We build your Brand Ambassador A-team

At Oppizi, we vet all your Brand Ambassadors, train them to pitch your brand, your offer, and monitor them via mystery shopping mission. We only keep the best-performing ones on our roster.

We use our own data insights to inform your flyering campaign decisions

There’s a lot more to an Oppizi flyering campaign than plain and simple planning. We cross-analyse your needs and targets with our past campaigns data (both in your industry and cross-market) as well as with open-source databases.

Are you looking to boost Brand Awareness or Customer acquisition with flyers and leaflets? No matter the goal of your advertising campaign, benefit from top-notch informed recommendations, coming both from our teams and our algorithm.

We’re all hands on deck when your campaign is ongoing

Our local operations teams follow the unfolding of each flyer distribution mission in real-time so that you don’t have to. Take the planning and the monitoring out of your plate, we take care of it for you.

We reduce cheating to the minimum

It’s a common pitfall of flyer and leaflet distribution campaigns but we have put several systems in place to avoid it:

– More than 30% of the flyering missions are covered by mystery shoppers

– Brand Ambassadors who drive the most conversions are rewarded thanks to a performance bonus

We are relentless quality bar raisers and make sure our Brand Ambassadors deliver the best service possible. Oppizi’s technology is enabling this foolproof tracking.

We monitor KPIs closely and pivot fast if needed

Our goal is to have you reach your marketing objectives. Ultimately, it often boils down to this simple objective: keep your conversion rate high, and your CPA low. The power of tracking enables us to have a fast feedback loop and to iterate week on week when the results are not matching expectations.

Our reactivity and flexibility allow Oppizi campaigns to pivot just like digital channels.

Sounds a bit too good to be true? Fear not, let me tell you how we do it

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

2. How do we achieve this high level of flyer distribution service?

We cracked the code to a super-efficient local ops team structure

In each country we operate it, you can find:

– A Head of Operations:

He or she is in charge of overseeing all the operations nationwide.

– A recruitment manager:

He or she takes care of the Brand Ambassador recruitment strategy, making sure the local distribution teams meet our standards.

– Operations managers:

Each of them is in charge of a specific region. Their role is to make sure the operations’ goals are met, by always keeping an eye on our KPIs. The city managers (see below) report to them.

– City Managers & assistant city managers:

They take care of logistics in their designated city. Most of the time they are also big contributors to the recruitment and training of Brand Ambassadors, and make sure their motivation is through the roof!

Our technology ensures a 5-star delivery in every location

We mostly boast about how our unique technology helps us track and reach your marketing goals, but we often forget that it also is the strong underlying foundation of the seamless recruitment and onboarding of our Brand Ambassadors, as well as of campaigns roll-out. Some of the key features which enable this are:

– The recruitment mobile app

– Our operations dashboards

– The automated flagging of potential cheating

– An in-app quiz to check the Brand Ambassador knowledge of the brand pitch

– Our in-app tracking of mystery shopping missions

– The automated reward system distributing the performance bonuses

Our operation teams are data-first

We have launched countless flyer distribution campaigns over the years. This means we have collected a robust knowledge of what performs best in each market and industry in terms of timing, locations, offers, and much more.

The main pillars of this market intelligence are:

our proprietary algorithm: it learns as we go and make sure to highlight the best opportunities

our unique tracking system: we monitor more than 10 operations KPIs, to be sliced and diced according to your advertising needs and goals.

We make sure that all the brands that partner with us benefit from all of this!

Here you have it, the secret formula of what makes us stand out from all the other flyer and leaflet distribution services you’ve come across before.

Want to try it for yourself?

If you want to discuss how we could implement this for your business, drop us a line here.

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Nicolas de Resbecq