Why Wise Marketers Need to Include Offline Channels in Their Marketing Mix

There are 4 main benefits to adding offline channels to your marketing mix and after you read this article you’ll be familiar with all of them.

1. Increase your Brand recall by appealing to future customers with a different format

Being bombarded all day by online ads doesn’t make for a pleasant and unforgettable memory of your brand, quite the opposite. Our brains have learnt to block out the ads signal online to some extent.

However, in real life, it’s a lot harder to forget about a leaflet sitting on the entrance shelf or to ignore the chat you had with a brand ambassador in the street about a great offer.

The IRL experience offline marketing channels provide make them inherently more memorable. Whether your goal is to acquire new customers or to gain brand awareness, you have a higher chance of succeeding by using channels your competitors aren’t.

2. Add another channel without the extra attribution hassle

One of the biggest myths about offline marketing it’s that it’s impossible to track. Well actually, it’s quite the opposite.

The benefit of offline channels is that they don’t get in the way of the usual way you track the performance of your online campaigns. You don’t have to worry about being able to identify cannibalisation.

It might help you with channel attribution if you track it the right way as we do at Oppizi. The struggle you’re going through with your digital mix doesn’t have to be replicated with offline channels.

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3. Convey your message to people you can’t reach online

If we step away from our computers and into the real world, you’ll realise:

  1. Not everyone is spending hours online
  2. More and more people are finding ways to avoid ad exposure

These individuals most likely represent a part of your target audience that you are unable to address. By using offline channels you’ll be able to convey your message to them in the streets or even directly in their home, through letterbox drop or direct mail for example.

And this does not only apply to older demographics. All age ranges are becoming more and more educated on how to optimise their experience on the internet: Ad blockers are becoming pretty standard. In 2019, around 25% of internet users were using them, and this figure keeps on growing. Offline marketing is a way to make up for the quarter of your target audience that has become out of touch

4. Avoid channel saturation and lower your CAC

Every brand is trying to be heard and remembered online. This explains why online CPAs are on an upward trend: forecasts expect this cost to grow +60% in the next five years according to Profitwell.

And even if you manage to have your message in front of your audience, it is likely its impact will be lessened by the other stream of marketing solicitations, from you or other companies.

Benefit from offline channels like flyering or letterbox drop to convey a different message in a different format. The results? Keeping your marketing budget in control while delivering 360 attention-grabbing campaigns.

Curious how you can leverage the power of offline marketing to optimise your marketing mix? You can get in touch with one of our experts here. And don’t forget to follow us on Linkedin if you don’t want to miss out on any updates.

Arthur Favier


CEO of Oppizi, is a forward-thinking leader deeply passionate about marketing technology. His mission is to revolutionize offline marketing on a large scale in today's predominantly digital landscape. Through his vision, Oppizi aims to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels, offering advertisers comprehensive solutions which resonate with audiences across various touchpoints.