FoodChéri scales its acquisition in France through flyering

FoodChéri moved from cumbersome in-house campaign management to working with Oppizi in order to scale faster, save time & costs.

The Results

flyers distributed within 6 months
conversion rate
of new customers come from Oppizi channels


– After a disappointing experience with flyer distribution, the FoodChéri acquisition team was keen to give the channel another go to grow their visibility, sales and customer base, granted the campaigns could be ultra-targeted, executed seamlessly, and quickly scalable.

– Working with Oppizi saved the FoodChéri team a lot of time while allowing the scale of this acquisition channel. The expertise of Oppizi proved particularly valuable for reaching the target audiences at the right time and place.

– Flyering is now one of the key channels in FoodChéri’s acquisition mix and the partnership with Oppizi extends internationally as we help them scale in other countries.

Food Chéri scales thanks to flyer distribution in France

Founded in 2015 in Paris, FoodChéri delivers healthy ready meals that are good for us and the planet. They encourage a more conscious way of eating, one nutritious home-made meal at a time.

The backstory: why FoodChéri first came to Oppizi

The FoodChéri acquisition team was not new to flyer marketing. They ran a few campaigns before on their own, managing internally:

  • – the relationship with printers,
  • – the bandwidth of the team necessary for prep and distribution without any dedicated tool
  •  – the manual tracking and reporting, including feedback gathering and conversion reconciliation

With Oppizi, flyering proves effective both for performance and visibility purposes. The team is reactive and flexible which makes all the difference and saves a lot of time.

Estelle Schuster, Acquisition & CRM Manager @ FoodChéri

An overall rather cumbersome experience that is remembered by the team as time-consuming and difficult to scale. It left Estelle, Acquisition & CRM manager, quite skeptical: “This channel seemed a bit outdated, ill-perceived by prospects, uneasy to handle. Overall I was prejudiced against the potential performance it would bring.”

Still they decided to give flyering another go with Oppizi. The objectives of the trial were clear: getting increased sales and visibility in specific locations as well as gaining new customers, with a very targeted audience locally, both B2C and B2B.

They turned to Oppizi in the hope of saving time, improving printing quality and having a closer monitoring of Brand Ambassadors. But most of all, they were really keen to try out our technology to:

1)   Benefit from the suggestions from our team and algorithm

2)   Access a user-friendly tracking interface

From planning to scaling the ops: proactivity & efficiency

Planning ultra targeted campaigns

The team at FoodChéri found it particularly helpful to mix their own market insights and sales data with the knowledge of Oppizi’s Operation teams: “We are very happy with the general guidance and support provided by Oppizi’s teams, with their suggestions in terms of planning and timelines.  […] We rely on Oppizi’s city managers to determine our targeting for B2C audiences. Their roster selection is most of the time very accurate.”

Food Chéri scales thanks to flyer distribution in France

A proactive team handles the operations from A to Z

The flexibility and reactivity of the Oppizi team is what makes the campaign’s operations run so smoothly, from beginning to end. Estelle shares: “They are proactive, reporting on a regular basis, helping us plan each campaign, following up every step of the process as well as taking into account all the feedback provided by the FoodCheri team in order to improve the delivery & performances. They have also taught us the do’s and don’ts for this offline channel.

Another highlight of the collaboration according to her is being able to delegate all the stakeholder management to Oppizi, from negotiating with the printers and outfit providers to onboarding brand ambassadors: “They make us save time when dealing with printing, BA’s recruitment and training, missions booking and monitoring.” This is crucial to her: the time-consuming aspect of flyering was one of the heaviest pain points she had while running this channel in the past.

All of these elements combined allow the campaigns to scale city after city, while continuously maximising the ROI, and it shows in the results.

The results: a low CPA & a fast roll out at scale 

In the first year of the collaboration (2019), 10% of the new customers could be attributed to flyering. In 2020, it amounted to 4.5% despite the limitations resulting from COVID-19.

The scale across 7 French cities happened rapidly: within 6 months, the number of flyers distributed increased by +140%. Scaling fast but without hurting ROI was key: the CPA remained low throughout the rollout of each campaign, with a consistent conversion rate ranging between 0.3% and 1.7% depending on the audience nature (B2B or B2C) and the amount of the promo offer.

Main takeaways for the FoodChéri team

But beyond the metrics, when we asked Estelle what struck her the most while working with Oppizi, she highlights: “The capability to deliver a high number of missions, the tendency for prospects to accept being handed flyers, the volume of signups acquired, and the various ways to optimise the campaigns.”

The flexible and proactive approach of the Oppizi team allowed for insights and growth trends to quickly emerge, providing learnings on several topics:

  • – the team identified top priority zones for B2B prospection
  • – they worked out which discount offer performed best
  • – they witnessed the uplift driven by 360 campaigns including OOH and flyering

Going forward: the adoption flyering as a staple acquisition channel on the long run

Hundreds of thousands distributed flyers later, the collaboration is still going strong and flyering has been implemented as an ongoing acquisition channel at FoodChéri. It completes their Out Of Home and Paid Search efforts, which are the main channels otherwise used: “this channel proves effective, scalable and is helping us reach both our visibility and performance goals.”

Which means Estelle and her team will lean even more on the channel in 2021: the objectives are ambitious, as they aim to reach +8% YoY new customers in France thanks to street marketing.

But the scaling also continues beyond French borders as we are now teaming up to boost the launch of Seazon, FoodChéri’s subscription service, in a new market: Belgium.

Food Chéri scales thanks to flyer distribution in France