3 examples of successful flyering campaigns

What results can you get with flyer distribution? Here are 3 successful campaign examples

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of clients across multiple industries, but in this post, we’re sharing some of our best-performing campaigns.

These campaigns show just what kinds of results are possible if you understand your target audience and build a flyer distribution campaign that performs.

45 million flyers distributed for UberEats

Impressive numbers for UberEats, the food delivery service operating in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries. Large volume flyer distribution can be a great way to boost brand awareness, particularly if you’re looking to break into a new market or a saturated market – which the food delivery market is. 

This food delivery market leader wanted to achieve higher levels of customer acquisition to meet their ambitious goals, which was achieved.

Harrison Kennedy, the marketing manager in Australia and New Zealand for UberEats said that Oppizi helped them reach “incredible acquisition numbers on a very large scale” and “driving massive revenue for UberEats”.

The below flyer design quickly coveys the vast choice of meals UberEats can provide customers with and the clean and tidy text design makes sure their offer shouts out to customers. 

Read the UberEats case study.

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

A significant reduction in CPA for Getaround

Although a smaller volume of flyers were distributed for Getaround (formerly drivy), our brand ambassadors still reached over 2 million customers with the below flyer design. GetAround offers customers a straightforward car rental service – where users can rent a car through an app or rent their own car out earning them extra cash each month.

The campaign significantly reduced the organisation’s cost per acquisition (CPA) by a whopping 70%. When speaking with their Head of Marketing, Mathilde Robelin, she stated that Oppizi has become “one of our most important acquisition channels in the UK.”

The campaign was initially set up to support its launch in the UK. We implemented a large-scale campaign in London targeting over 200 locations for an eight-week period.

The  car hanger design was crafted to catch the attention of drivers navigating the city centre. The campaign was designed to remind them that their car could be working harder for them when they weren’t using it earning them up to 600 euros a month.

The hanger also pulled customers in with a 200 euros registration gift. These financial markers helped draw customers in and successfully convert them.

Read the Getaround case study.

click to book a demo version
Click to book a demo version

Over 50,000 brand new customers for THE ICONIC

Australian and New Zealand online retail heavyweight, THE ICONIC, came to Oppizi with two goals – to increase both customer acquisition and brand awareness but with a consideration to keep CPA low. Two goals that flyer distribution can deliver on in abundance.

The campaign saw three million of the below flyers distributed, providing them with 53,000 new customers. The below flyer design caught audience attention with a clear call to action for a $25 voucher and definitive communication of the household brand names stocked. And with free delivery over $50 and free returns thrown in — it’s a deal you just can’t say no to!



Speaking with Alexander Merey, CMO over at THE ICONIC, she said Oppizi was able to deliver a scale solution through a new tactical channel. “Working with Oppizi has really supported our customer acquisition strategy to achieve our business targets.”

Read The ICONIC case study.


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Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker