6 Reasons Why Our Flyer Distribution Operations Are (Truly) Effective

Still, direct offline marketing like leaflets, flyers, door drops, and direct mail have proven very successful in the past year (as read in DMA and Jicmail studies) especially during the troubled times brought by COVID-19. Offline marketing that drives ROI is not only a dream. Our Ops team decided to share with you how we make it happen for real!

1. We know where your customers are and when

A mistake we see often is too little time spent providing granular information about the customer segments which need to be targeted. Your planning process should always start with this step.

In order to reach your target audience we advise all our clients to provide us with the following information:


Thanks to our advanced technology and the expertise of our operations team, we are able to identify the best distribution areas and events to reach your target groups. We base our decision on demographic data like age, income, gender, ethnicity and employment rate, which we source from reliable open data institutions like councils and governments.  

Order times

Understanding the buying behaviour of your customers is key for us. It helps us identify the best time slots for your flyer distribution campaign. Important indicators to select the best time to distribute your flyers and leaflets are the times and days you receive the majority of your orders from your different customer segments. Based on this information, we can schedule missions exactly at the time when the chance to generate conversions from your target group is the highest.


Sharing a list of competitors with us can be extremely useful. This is especially the case if your competitors have brick and mortar stores: this allows us to target potential customers close to the branches of your competitors or at spots in close proximity to them.

Delivery areas  

In order to avoid distributing your leaflets in areas which are outside of your delivery zones, we advise to map your exact delivery areas. A very important insight from client-side can also be data on home and additional delivery addresses. As many customers get orders delivered to their work address instead of their home address, this data can be useful to identify other potential successful distribution spots.

2. We use tracking and AI optimisation

Making your offline marketing campaign measurable is the mission of our company. Oppizi’s technology is able to combine your conversion and consumer segment data with the data we have collected from an abundance of campaigns from different industries over time.

This allows us to identify the best areas for your distribution and adjust campaigns with short turnover times based on performance. At Oppizi we can track several metrics (like conversion rate by location or time of distribution for example) and optimise your campaign constantly in accordance with your campaign goals. The times when flyer distribution campaigns have been an opaque black box are over.  

3. We are thorough on quality control

Transparency and quality are determining factors of our flyer distribution campaigns success. All our missions are fully tracked via GPS and have additional quality measurements in place. Think check-in pictures, step tracking, number of flyers distributed, and more. Additionally, the quality of our missions is continually checked by mystery shoppers. What you see is what we see: we grant you full access to our quality reporting via our platform. You are never kept wondering. We value the trust of our clients more than anything else.

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4. We don’t mess with the recruitment and training of our brand ambassadors

To ensure that your brand is represented in the best way, we strongly focus on the recruitment and training of our brand ambassadors. To achieve that, our in-house teams or trusted partners handle the recruitment of our distributors directly. They both follow strict guidelines and training plans developed specifically for the recruitment of our flyer distributors. We require all our distributors to attend a one-hour training and to complete an in-app questionnaire on campaign briefs before they can start flyering. This results in highly targeted distribution and high conversion rates for our clients.  

5. We A/B test and optimise promotional offers

Leaflets and flyers attract more attention than digital marketing: its haptic and social nature make it a more memorable experience.

In order to increase conversions and brand awareness from a leaflet campaign, we recommend creating a straightforward offer. It often includes an incentive for the customer in the form of a discount or a freebie via a discount code.

To identify the most successful offer for a flyer campaign, many clients choose to run an A/B test for their first campaign. Our technology offers you clear insights via our platform about which offer performs best, so you can optimise future campaigns.

6. We know how to make flyers look and feel amazing

Choosing the right design and format for your flyer is one of the most crucial points of campaign preparation. To make your campaign perform better, we recommend to use bold colours and clear messaging on the front of a flyer. Extra explanations about your product can go on the back.

Nobody enjoys a cheap-looking flyer. In order to stand out from your competitors, we encourage the use of high quality paper to improve the touch feel of your flyers.

& we could do it for you too!

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Shelly Parker

Shelly Parker