What’s your country?

How much should direct mail cost in the U.S. and Canada?

As our campaigns are bespoke from end-to-end, there is no set cost. However, there are a number of elements that can impact the final price, such as data management fees and printing. We’re able to provide an estimate of $0.5 to $1 per unit, but for a greater breakdown of costs, check out our blog here.

We only have a $5 CPA for digital ads - why should we use offline marketing?

Incorporating offline marketing into your strategy can provide unique benefits that complement digital efforts. Face-to-face interactions, personal connections, and tangible experiences leave lasting impressions, to name a few. Oppizi's optimized model creates a competitive environment with multiple moments of engagement, helping you achieve a lower CPA. You can learn more on our blog! Why you should consider offline marketing despite the cost.

How much does a flyering campaign cost in the U.S. and Canada?

When it comes to organizing a flyering campaign in the United States and Canada, it's crucial to be aware that expenses can significantly differ. These expenses are impacted by various factors like volume, format, print quality, and distribution zones. Below are the average costs per flyer based on volume:

  • Less than 10,000 flyers: $0.60 to $0.62 per flyer
  • Between 10,000 and 50,000 flyers: $0.56 to $0.58 per flyer
  • Over 50,000 flyers: $0.53 to $0.55 per flyer

For more on campaign costs, visit our blog post, How much does a flyer campaign cost in the U.S.A. and Canada?

Why is Oppizi more expensive than its competitors?

At Oppizi, we offer transparent and comprehensive service with access to metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, GPS tracking, and more. Our operations team focuses on optimizing your campaigns to increase your ROI. Our Brand Ambassador app is highly effective for recruiting, vetting, tracking, and rating ambassadors. The Oppizi portal provides real-time monitoring for complete transparency. Such services cannot be found elsewhere - to discover more about pricing at Oppizi, check out our blog here.

Why is printing flyers so expensive?

To keep flyer printing costs under control, you should consider several factors. The quality of printing equipment, paper, ink, coloring and the number of flyers will all affect the cost. Finishing options and customization can also raise prices. So, make sure to choose wisely to avoid unexpected expenses. Learn more about your printing options from our blog - Why is printing expensive?

Why does Oppizi offer brand ambassador bonuses?

Our team of brand ambassadors is always eager to work hard and achieve outstanding results thanks to our performance-based bonus system. They can choose the campaigns they prefer and are motivated by the opportunity to earn rewards for every successful sign-up. This system ensures that our brand ambassadors know about your products and can provide potential customers exceptional assistance as they sign up.

Find out more via our blog.

Do I need to hire and train brand ambassadors?

No! We handle everything for you. From hiring to training and distribution, we’ve got you covered. 

How does Oppizi guarantee that brand ambassadors understand my business?

We ensure ambassadors are knowledgeable before, during, and after their missions through several different techniques:

  • First, we vet brand ambassadors to assess if they’re fit for the role.
  • Once in our community, brand ambassadors can choose the brands they want to represent. 
  • To be able to book a mission, ambassadors must be able to answer three random questions about your business/ products correctly.
  • Once the ambassador has booked their mission, they must explain your pitch to the city manager. 
  • An hour before the mission, the ambassador must successfully complete an in-app quiz about your brand. 
  • During the missions, our team of Mystery Shoppers will observe the Ambassadors to ensure proactiveness and ask them questions to see if they can answer correctly.
  • When the mission is complete, we will assess their performance through data.
  • Last but not least, you can provide brand ambassadors with a financial incentive when they achieve conversions (this is optional.)
How do we make sure that the brand ambassadors wear the uniform?

Brand ambassadors are warned ahead of time that if they do not comply with Oppizi’s processes, there will be a penalty.

Can we bring brand ambassadors to our offices and do in-house product training?

While we believe that this form of training would be beneficial for distributors, a lot of our managers work remotely and therefore do not have an office. Moreover, allowing this method to take place would significantly slow down the brand ambassador onboarding process - thus this type of training does not ensure quality.

Can we select brand ambassadors with specific characteristics?

Yes! So long as these specifications are not discriminatory. For example, if you need flyer distributors that speak Spanish, we will do our best to make this happen.

Can I work with brand ambassadors that speak a specific language?

Absolutely. We welcome diversity - our team comprises over 20 nationalities and languages, and this is the same for our brand ambassadors! 

Be it local students who went abroad on an exchange program to improve their language skills or people from diverse nationalities who settled in the country, many of our brand ambassadors are proficient in multiple languages.

If the language you’re looking for isn’t available in-house, we can always look for people with new skills to join our teams. The Oppizi community is constantly growing, and we’re convinced we can find the right person to deliver your message in the needed language.

However, if your language is rare and you still want to address the community, we can reach out to your customers at home with our door to door or direct mail services, which do not require direct exposure to customers.

How do you ensure brand ambassadors correctly represent my products/ services?

Brand ambassadors are responsible for distributing flyers and promoting products and services. We have a series of methods to ensure brand ambassadors pitch correctly. 

Training: The Operations team trains our brand ambassadors to maintain their knowledge and skills. They learn about your brand, its value proposition, the sales pitch, the target audience, the promotion, and others. In addition, a PDF document with such information will be submitted to each brand ambassador. 

Evaluation: Brand ambassadors are regularly evaluated to assess their performance and identify improvement areas. They must answer a set of questions correctly before they can book missions and represent your business.

Monitoring Performance Through TLAs: Oppizi designates an on-site manager, the Team Leader Assistant (TLA), for each mission. The TLA will monitor the brand ambassador’s performance on-site and provide feedback through an app. Brand ambassadors with negative feedback will not be kept for future missions. 

Monitoring Performance Through Technology: Among other metrics, we measure the conversion rate and the number of sign-ups each brand ambassador achieves. Those with poor results will not be kept for future missions. 

Monetary Incentive:  You can incentivize the brand ambassadors to perform optimally through our unique brand ambassador bonus. By offering a bonus per signing, the brand ambassadors are motivated to put forth extra effort, fully understand your pitch, and assist interested individuals with sign-ups. 

Can I select the brand ambassadors for my campaign?

While you may have specific requirements for your brand ambassadors, you cannot handpick exact candidates. Nevertheless, you can express your preferences to our team, and we will strive to fulfill these requirements during the selection process.

For instance, if you prefer brand ambassadors who are female and fluent in Spanish, our team will assess the availability of individuals who meet these criteria and allocate them to your campaign if feasible. However, it is essential to note that these brand ambassadors will only participate if the missions align with their schedules and the bonus compensation is attractive.

How are brand ambassadors trained?

We believe in maintaining a team of highly motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable brand ambassadors. As such, we have implemented a comprehensive training and evaluation program to ensure they can deliver your desired results.

Training: Our Operations team provides continuous training to our brand ambassadors. This training covers all relevant aspects of the brand, including its value proposition, sales pitch, target audience, signup process, and promotional activities. The ambassadors are also provided with a PDF document that contains all necessary information about your brand and campaign.

Evaluation: Regular evaluations are conducted to assess the performance of our brand ambassadors. These evaluations identify areas for improvement and certify that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to represent your brand effectively. Before booking missions, brand ambassadors must answer questions through our app, ensuring that they are informed and ready to represent you.

Is Oppizi an equal opportunity employer?

Oppizi is committed to providing a positive and friendly working environment. As a multinational entity, we actively promote equality, diversity, and inclusion within our workforce and are devoted to eliminating discrimination across all our locations. Indeed, our goal is to create a workforce representative of all sections of society - to create a place where everyone feels accepted and respected!

Who does Oppizi employ to distribute flyers?

Our recruitment process is open to anyone, regardless of age, gender, education, or nationality; however, we receive a lot of applications from students and young professionals thanks to the flexible nature of the job. 

Brand ambassadors - flyer distributors - undergo a comprehensive onboarding process, including a training course and an online test. So, you can always have confidence that our brand ambassadors are distributing your flyers with the utmost professionalism!

Will Oppizi create uniforms for my brand ambassadors?

Oppizi can create bespoke uniforms perfect for your marketing campaign. Moreover, we will provide you with a recommended quantity of uniforms based on the number of your planned hand to hand missions.

All we need from you are the following guidelines:

  • Preferred base color (HEX, CYMK, or RBG)
  • Where you want your logo placed - for example, on the sleeve
  • Any taglines that need to be included and their placement
  • Logo and tagline color
How long does the printing process take?

On average, the printing process takes between 5-10 business days, with the timeframe depending on the volume of flyers and their format. For instance, our tear away flyer takes longer to print than a simple A6 flyer as it involves a specific cutting method. As such, printing times can be reduced by selecting a simple format.

Do our brand ambassadors have experience in sales?

Our brand ambassadors come from various backgrounds - for example, many of our brand ambassadors are students. Henceforth, while our brand ambassadors may not have a formal sales background, they are provided with training through Oppizi before fulfilling missions. Our operating processes are here to ensure they are effectively able to convey the right message:

  • The recruitment channels are chosen for the quality of the profiles provided
  • Our stage-gate recruitment pipeline ensures only the most motivated people join
  • We offer in-house ad-hoc training to be able to pitch on the streets
  • We check the ambassador’s knowledge before the mission with an in-app MCQ
  • Our mystery shoppers will ensure the quality of delivery and flag anyone needing a refresher
  • Our algorithm guarantees the best-performing ambassadors are pushed notifications for missions in priority
Can I create my own flyers and brand ambassador uniforms?

While we cover these services for our customers, we allow clients to create and produce flyers and brand ambassador uniforms.

What’s the best format for my flyers?

Ultimately, it depends on your campaign, as every brand has its goals, ideas, and target audience. If we were to recommend a flyer format, we’d suggest the tear aways as they have a central space for branding and a smaller section - the size of a credit card - below that is ideal for including QR and redemption codes. The smaller flyer section can be torn away and saved in a wallet to be redeemed later!

Can I use my own printers?

While we offer printing as part of our end-to-end service, we understand that some clients prefer their own printers. Consequently, we allow customers to work with their chosen printer; but we recommend you utilize our printing service for transparency. By using our printers and coding systems, we can monitor the right metrics for you - including the best printing solutions, the best day for distribution, and where your flyers would be successful.

Does Oppizi take care of printing?

Yes! At Oppizi, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive offline marketing solution that covers every step of the process to ensure premium quality for our clients, and this includes the printing of flyers and other promotional materials. 

We have carefully curated a select group of printers who meet our strict quality standards. They utilize cutting-edge equipment, environmentally-friendly inks, carbon-neutral paper, and shrink wrapping to package flyers with coded variability for effective tracking.

Can I use my own mystery shoppers?

Yes - in fact, we find this incredibly useful as it provides us with third-party information about how our team is performing on-site!

Can Oppizi complete a campaign in a week?

We can, but it’s not recommended. 

A crucial part of Oppizi’s process is optimizing your campaign based on results - but we need time for these results to be generated and become relevant. Henceforth, we recommend a campaign lasting at least two to three weeks. 

But, of course, you have the final say!

Does Oppizi manage everything surrounding my campaign, e.g. organization, planning, and execution?

Yes - we cover most aspects of your campaign! During your time with Oppizi, we’ll manage campaign organization, planning, and execution. This includes printing, hiring brand ambassadors, and providing access to our comprehensive campaign management platform to view your campaign’s progress in real-time.

How many flyers can Oppizi distribute per day/week/month?

Unfortunately, there’s no set answer. The number of flyers that can be distributed depends on various factors, such as the size of the city or the availability of brand ambassadors. However, in 2022, we distributed 13 million flyers across 20+ French cities and over 52 million leaflets worldwide!

How do I cancel/pause my campaign?

Please refer to the cancellation clause featured in your signed copy of the Statement of Work (SOW.) Your options will vary based on the chosen channel e.g. door to door or direct mail.

When can my campaign start?

Before your campaign can be launched, we need at least 10 days of notice. If you’re targeting a city where we do not have active campaigns, we will need 3-4 weeks to recruit and prepare city managers and brand ambassadors.

How does Oppizi ensure that brand ambassadors don’t cheat?

We keep a close eye on our brand ambassadors to detect and remove any fraudulent behavior. Nevertheless, we provide numerous advantages such as flexibility and financial rewards that encourage our brand ambassadors to strive and demonstrate their worth.

How do you supervise the flyer distribution?

Our team is in constant communication with city managers and mystery shoppers. During the mission, our mystery shoppers provide regular updates on the performance of the brand ambassadors via the app - this can include photos and videos of the ambassador in action. Moreover, we know how many flyers the brand ambassadors have distributed, and any excess flyers are returned to one of the supervisors.

What happens to leftover flyers?

The city manager collects all leftover flyers. At the end of your campaign, we will offer you the option to distribute these flyers for only the distribution cost. 

To prevent flyers from being leftover, we have implemented several solutions:

  • Before the campaign, we use data to determine the ideal number of flyers and missions.
  • During the campaign, our operations team will select distribution locations that guarantee at least 95% of your flyers will be distributed.
  • We push our brand ambassadors to upskill. With proper and sustained training, brand ambassadors improve their distribution volumes.
How does Oppizi ensure quality distribution?

We prioritize quality throughout our operations; we also focus on transparency. Thanks to GPS tracking, you can monitor your campaign from start to finish, including the locations of your brand ambassadors. All the key metrics are displayed on the Oppizi campaign dashboard!

Throughout the campaign, we’ll be on hand to support you with expert advice and industry-specific data. Based on our data surrounding locations and populations, we know how long a mission will take to complete and what results you should see. Further, we track the engagement and conversion rates yielded from the mission to ensure the quality of work is in line with your expectations. 

How does Oppizi ensure brand ambassadors don’t throw away flyers?

At Oppizi, we understand the importance of ensuring the deliverability of the flyers and that the brand ambassadors, who distribute flyers on behalf of the clients, follow the campaign objectives and guidelines. To this end, we have implemented a robust tracking and monitoring system to provide complete transparency and accountability.

Methods of Monitoring:

Training and Evaluation: Before each campaign, the brand ambassadors are trained and evaluated, and they must study the client's pitch to answer a set of questions correctly before being able to book missions.

Oppizi App: All brand ambassadors must have the Oppizi app installed on their smartphones, and they must check in and check out on time before and after every mission. The app also tracks their location through geo-location and reminds them to stay in the designated area.

On-site Manager and Spy App: Oppizi assigns an on-site manager for each mission who monitors the performance of the brand ambassadors and provides feedback through a spy app. The manager also takes pictures and videos of the brand ambassadors and submits generic information about the location and foot traffic.

Monetary Incentives: Brand ambassadors receive a bonus for each new signup they acquire, giving them an incentive to perform well and bring in new clients. The brand ambassadors who perform below average are no longer assigned missions by Oppizi.

How does Oppizi guarantee results?

While we understand that the return on investment from a marketing campaign is a primary concern for you, it is essential to note that several external factors beyond our control influence the success of a marketing campaign. This includes the weather, your promotions, the quality of your products or services, and brand recognition levels.

Despite these factors, Oppizi guarantees excellence in operations, a targeted and strategic approach to each campaign, and highly trained brand ambassadors who deliver the right message to the right people at the right time and place. This results in a high return on investment for our clients and explains why we have maintained a long-standing relationship with big players like Uber for over six years.

We are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality marketing campaigns and invite you to contact our sales team to receive a bespoke quote. We look forward to supporting your business and contributing to your success!

When will I start seeing results?

Immediately! You can track and manage your campaign in real time through the Oppizi Platform. Whether you want to view upcoming missions, view live results (including 14 key metrics), or monitor brand ambassador locations, we’ve got you covered.

What checks and tracking parameters does Oppizi have in place to ensure the success of the distribution?

There are a plethora of ways that Oppizi ensures the success of your campaign. Indeed, we have optimized our processes to benefit you; we use industry data to produce impressive results, allow you to monitor your campaign in real-time (including 14 KPIs!), and have several tactics used to monitor our brand ambassadors while they fulfill your campaign!

Will we be able to track the performance of my campaign in real time?

Oppizi is home to innovative technology that can track over 14 KPIs in real-time. This means we can give you detailed data breakdowns by city level, day of the week, and location of distribution, among other things. Plus, our operations teams provide regular performance reports!

How can I track return on investment (ROI)?

We’ll calculate ROI for you. We can do this as an estimate or a precise calculation, depending on how much data you provide. 

If you disclose the amount (in dollars) ordered when a new customer is acquired and every time they place an order during and after the campaign, we can provide you with the exact ROI. 

However, we can also calculate ROI based on a general order, the average number of repeat orders, and the churn rate. We typically use the average for your vertical or publicly available data and multiply this information by the number of customers acquired via Oppizi.

How can I track the efficiency of my campaign?

Tracking your campaign with Oppizi is a breeze. 

Your campaign will be tracked via the number of scans and sign-ups for each unique flyer code. We can monitor scans immediately; however, sign-ups take more time as we rely on the client to take this action. 

Consequently, based on such data, together will be able to optimize locations, as well as the distribution teams. If your team has low performance, they’ll be retrained. Moreover, team leaders will be asked to undertake onsite training. If results do not improve, further action will be taken to ensure that your campaign is a success!

How does Oppizi track flyer scans and orders?

At Oppizi, we have a unique coding system that allows us to track how many people are scanning the QR codes on your flyers. Every batch of flyers has a unique code, and when someone scans it, we can see precisely when and where it happened. We will provide you with this data, so you can see how well your campaign is performing.

Indeed, our coding system is beneficial for determining when and where your campaign gets the most engagement. That way, we can help you optimize your marketing efforts and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

In addition, if you want to boost your orders, we suggest adding unique promo codes to your flyers. We can track how many people use those codes to purchase your products. All you need to do is give us a link to your landing page and a promo code for each mission, and we'll take care of the rest.

How long is the validity of a QR code?

The exact redemption period is up to you! However, we recommend including an expiry date that encourages timely redemption.

Can we put several QR codes on the same flyer?

We recommend having one QR code per flyer as this is both easier for the client to scan and for us to track.

Why do we need to have codes on each flyer? How are those codes tracked and the distribution optimized?

Adding unique QR or promo codes to flyers is recommended because it benefits your target audience and allows us to track and optimize your campaign!

Such codes help customers connect with your brand and receive information in seconds - be it details about products and services or access to discounts. Additionally, it enables instant conversions. 

Of course, they’re fantastic for your business too. Not only will you receive more traffic, but you’ll also receive data about your customers and see an increase in sales and conversions.

We track this information throughout your campaign, allowing us to analyze and optimize each variable. Thanks to this coding system and the technology behind it, we can see what time, day, and location offers the best performance and then restructure when needed. Additionally, we will provide you with performance reports complete with key metrics.

What’s a deep link? How do I get it?

Using deep links can send mobile device users straight to relevant pages within your app, instead of your website. By clicking on ads, potential customers can directly access your app pages. We suggest using deep links to create QR codes that can redirect customers to specific pages in your app, or to prompt them to download your app from the app store if it is not yet installed on their mobile device. This method can also be used to create custom landing pages on your website.

Why can’t I use one promo code across my campaign?

You can!

But we’d recommend using multiple promo codes, as by using one, you’re limiting your opportunities for optimization. Our recommended coding system is one code per pack of flyers. Using this method, we can track what day, time, and location draws in the most traffic and adjust the campaign accordingly (meaning scaling up in high-performing areas and down in lower-performing regions.)

However, if you choose to use one promo code across your campaign, we can use QR codes to track engagement instead. With this, we can link Oppizi and your desired landing page and create a QR code for each pack of flyers.

Why aren’t we seeing results right away?

Clients often keep flyers for up to two weeks, giving them time to consider the product or service advertised.

We want to target a low foot traffic area - Why don’t you recommend this?

Low foot traffic areas are synonymous with low distribution rates; in other words, focusing on these areas generates a high volume of leftover flyers and, subsequently, poorer results.

However, if you want to target such areas, you could pivot towards a door to door campaign, as this would allow all residents in the assigned area to be targeted, meaning no flyers are left over.

How do we know we’re targeting the right customers?

Our campaigns are infused with data and your insights, and this helps us to target specific demographics.

In hand to hand, for example, our brand ambassadors are briefed about your brand and your targets. So, if you want to target only women, our brand ambassadors will be asked to distribute to women.

Door to door distribution utilizes geographic targeting. As such, we encourage you to have a clear catchment area in mind - we can target every household 500m around a shop, or precise zip codes, for instance. 

The target is precisely selected for direct mail campaigns by crossing multiple criteria on existing databases.

How are campaigns optimized?

Campaigns are optimized via several means: performance per brand ambassador; location; time of day and day of the week; the number of flyers distributed; the number of missions; and CVRs and CPAs. Thanks to our streamlined campaign management platform, you can track 14 key performance metrics and optimize as much or as little as you’d like - and don’t forget, our team is always on hand to provide support and advice.

What promotion should I offer and what results should I expect?

Our experience shows that an exclusive offer can be highly effective, such as a substantial discount or free shipping. Consider your industry, target audience, and marketing goals to determine which promotion to offer. The outcome of your promotion will depend on its relevance to your audience, but potential benefits include increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, lower cost per acquisition, and improved customer loyalty.

Do you provide campaign results/ access to the Oppizi platform months after a campaign ends?

Yes! You will have permanent access to the Oppizi campaign dashboard.

How can we evaluate the campaign results?

How your campaign’s success is measured will depend on your objectives. With the data you provide, we will assign key KPIs from which you can evaluate your campaign results. All pre-selected KPIs are updated daily on our platform, and our teams will optimize plans according to performance so your goals are met!

Furthermore, we endeavor to offer you the lowest cost per acquisition possible, while also creating campaigns that bolster brand awareness.

How can I calculate the number of missions for my campaign?

The perfect number of missions for your campaign depends on the number of flyers you want to distribute over an amount of weeks. For example, if you want to distribute 10,000 flyers in one week with 500 flyers per pack, your campaign will require 20 missions to be completed successfully. 

The pack size will vary depending on the channel chosen (door to door or hand to hand) and can range between 400 to 800 flyers.

What’s the average acceptance rate of flyers at Oppizi?

We typically see acceptance rates higher than the industry average of 5%. Many of our campaigns achieve rates of 10% or more, fluctuating thanks to several factors, like the quality of the flyer, the target audience, and the time of distribution.

What is our estimated conversion rate (CVR)?

Oppizi has gathered data from over 300k missions across thousands of international campaigns; as such, before your campaign is launched, our operations team will help to determine an accurate CVR for your campaign.

We will provide you with an estimated CVR based on several factors:

  • Campaign type
  • Your industry
  • Promotion selected
  • Flyer design
  • Public awareness of your brand
  • Audience broadness
  • Seasonality 
  • Subscription vs. one-off
What are the conversion rates of flyering?

The conversion rate depends on the channel used (think door to door or hand to hand) and the industry you’re involved in. However, at Oppizi, conversion rates typically fall between 0.3% to 7%.

How do I find out the CPA/CVR of my peer group?

Oppizi is a data-driven marketing company that specializes in acquisition, retargeting, and retention. Thanks to the aforementioned data, we can provide customized solutions and industry-specific advice and guidance, including the average conversion rate and cost per acquisition. 

Based on data from previous campaigns, we can estimate that the average CPA and CVR for the different industries are:

  • The Car Rental sector has an average CPA of $88 and a CVR of 0.2%.
  • The Entertainment sector has an average CPA of $47 and a CVR of 1.19%.
  • The Fashion Retail sector has an average CPA of $27 and a CVR of 0.84%.
  • The Fintech sector has an average CPA of $67 and a CVR of 0.4%.
  • The Food Delivery sector has an average CPA of $11 and a CVR of 2.5%.
  • The FoodTech Subscriptions sector has an average CPA of $89 and a CVR of 0.41%.
  • The Mobility sector has an average CPA of $8 and a CVR of 3%.

It is important to note that these values are just estimates and may not accurately reflect the results you may see. The CPA and CVR for an Oppizi campaign can vary depending on several factors, including brand recognition, the size of the campaign, promotion, the channel, and others. 

If you would like to learn more about the potential CPA and CVR that Oppizi could achieve for your company, please get in touch with our sales team. They will be more than happy to assist and provide additional information.

What cost per acquisition and conversion rate can I achieve?

Cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversion rate (CVR) are two important metrics that help measure the success of a marketing campaign. CPA refers to the cost of acquiring a new customer or converting a potential customer into a paying customer, while CVR measures the percentage viewers who take a desired action after viewing the flyer.

Based on previous campaigns, we have estimated the average CPA and CVR for three different marketing channels* in the United States:

  • Hand to hand flyering has an average CPA of $38.8 and a CVR of 1.36%.
  • Door to door campaigns have an average CPA of $140.34 and a CVR of 0.24%.
  • Direct mail campaigns have an average CPA of $31.62 and a CVR of 0.99%.

Additionally, we have also estimated the average CPA and CVR for different industries*:

  • Car Rental has an average CPA of $88 and a CVR of 0.2%.
  • Entertainment has an average CPA of $47 and a CVR of 1.19%.
  • Fashion Retail has an average CPA of $27 and a CVR of 0.84%.
  • Fintech has an average CPA of $67 and a CVR of 0.4%.
  • Food Delivery has an average CPA of $11 and a CVR of 2.5%.
  • FoodTech subscriptions have an average CPA of $89 and a CVR of 0.41%.
  • Mobility has an average CPA of $8 and a CVR of 3%.

*It is important to note that these values are just estimates and may not accurately reflect the actual results you may see. The CPA and CVR for an Oppizi campaign can vary depending on a number of factors, including the level of brand recognition, size of the campaign, promotions, and more.

How can a flyer insert help my acquisition goals?

In simple terms, flyer inserts are advertising materials - either a flyer or sample - inserted in a package from a non-competing company.

The first and most obvious advantage is the reduction in mailing costs for the advertiser. An insert campaign is cheaper than that of direct mail or door to door. 

Secondly, this is an excellent opportunity to reach customers with a common center of interest or values with the brand from which they ordered, and it is becoming more efficient as e-commerce is booming.

Last but not least, inserts campaigns are rather well perceived by customers because the receipt of a package is associated with a privileged moment. You have a higher probability of your advertising catching the customer's attention.

This new channel is very similar to other offline channels and can be targeted, tracked, and optimized in the same fashion.

How does flyering work in smaller cities with minimal public transportation?

We focus on high-traffic areas, such as high streets, tourist areas, and historical centers. We also work in residential areas or around university campuses. Simply, the aim is to find a location where we can distribute at least 600 flyers in three hours!

Do people actually accept flyers?

In a word: yes! 

There is still a place for flyer distribution in the 21st century. Multiple studies have shown that people are more receptive to offline marketing than online. For example, 75% of consumers could recall a brand after receiving direct mail, with this figure dropping to 44% for email campaigns.

Can you distribute samples and merchandise alongside flyers?

Yes, we can. There are, of course, some logistical constraints to keep in mind. All samples/ merchandise must be able to be carried by one person, so there are size and weight restrictions. If this is something you’re considering, please get in touch with our operations team with your sample specifications so we can discuss the feasibility of distribution.

How will I know If my flyer design will work? How can I improve it?

Thanks to our years of experience and successful offline marketing campaigns, we are equipped with a vast knowledge base that can help ensure you achieve the best results possible. Consequently, we can provide recommendations and feedback on designs and best practices to guide you in the right direction. Our advice will be based on the artwork we receive from you, and you’ll be provided with relevant feedback.

How many doors can Oppizi reach during a door to door mission?

It depends on your campaign. The location makes an enormous difference - for example, will we be targeting condos, flats, or homes with long distances between them? Consequently, the number of doors reached can vary between 300 to 800.

What’s the difference between door to door and direct mail?

The difference is straightforward: for door to door missions, brand ambassadors will deliver your flyers to the home. For example, if you’re using door hangers, they will leave your door hanger on the door handle of the residence. Our mystery shoppers also monitor these campaigns, and you can track the locations of your brand ambassadors.

On the other hand, direct mail campaigns are conducted through the mail; the local postal service delivers them. Mailings are sent like letters and do not require brand ambassadors.

How does direct mail have a complementary role in customer acquisition?

Before we explore flyering and direct mail, we must define both channels and how they differ.

Handing out flyers on the street, in high footfall areas, or in selected areas to target specific customers (such as dog owners in a park for a pet tech company) is known as flyering. This can include the distribution of leaflets, goodies, or samples.

Direct mail refers to sending mail directly to customers by post, which can be addressed (you must provide your database, or we can source it from brokers) or unaddressed, usually in the form of a flyer or letter.

Both methods complement each other in customer acquisition, as they reach customers at different times and locations. For example, flyering can reach your target audience on their way to and from work, while direct mail can target them when they return home. Combining these two channels and using location data from a specialist can provide even better granularity in selecting locations to target your audience more effectively.

What are the dos and don’ts of direct mail in the U.S.

Direct mail is a unique way to communicate with your target audience; it effectively generates leads, boosts brand awareness, and increases sales. To use it successfully in the U.S., know your target audience, personalize your message, offer value, test and optimize, and comply with regulations. Don't use outdated data, ignore design, skimp on postage, overuse direct mail, or neglect follow-ups. 

How well does flyering work with out-of-home (OOH) activations?

Adding flyering to your OOH activation strategy can be a great way to increase visibility. By placing distributors at a subway station where you have billboards, potential customers have the opportunity to discuss with a brand ambassador right after seeing the billboard. This can help to enhance the impact of your advertising efforts.

Outside of flyering, what channels are available?

Direct mail is one of our most popular channels, and it’s clear to see why! We produce direct mail campaigns from start to finish and can target both potential and existing customers. Indeed, if you’re looking for personalization, direct mail with Oppizi is the one to choose from, as we deliver custom messages that resonate with audiences. 

Who are the U.S. and Canada's main players in flyering? What are their pros and cons?

When distributing flyers, you have a number of options in the U.S. and Canada. You can choose national services for wider reach but higher costs, or local agencies for cost-effective distribution in specific areas. Direct mail services offer targeted personalization but can be expensive and raise concerns about sustainability. For more information about your distribution options in the U.S. and Canada, check out our blog, The leading flyer distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

Who are the main direct mail players in the U.S.?

Direct mail advertising is physical mail sent to potential customers' mailboxes, often through the National Post or other delivery services. It targets a broad customer base and can be personalized based on customer data. Benefits include high response rates and lasting impressions, but downsides include high pricing, time-to-market, and limited reach. 

Leading players in the U.S. market include Cenveo, Dai Nippon, Greetabl, and Quad/Graphics.

What are the rules specific to flyering in Austin, TX?

In Austin, flyering is allowed in public places but not on private property without the owner's consent. Distribution is also not allowed on street furniture, such as street lamps and utility poles, and must not impede pedestrian traffic or block sidewalks. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited within 50 feet of a building entrance or exit or in a way that blocks access to a building. Austin does not allow flyering in parks except in designated areas or with a permit.

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors will follow these regulations when fulfilling your campaign.

What are the rules specific to flyering in Phoenix, AZ?

Phoenix allows for flyering in public places, but it must not obstruct sidewalks or impede pedestrian traffic, and it is strictly prohibited on street furniture. Additionally, flyering is prohibited within 50 feet of a building entrance or exit or in a way that blocks access to a building. Flyering on private property must have the owner's consent, and it is not allowed in parks without a permit. Of course, flyering is not allowed on City of Phoenix property, including street signs and traffic signals.

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors are devoted to upholding these regulations and will fulfill your campaign accordingly.

What are the rules specific to flyering in Houston, TX?

In Houston, flyering is allowed in public places but not on private property without the owner's consent. Flyering is not allowed on street furniture, such as City of Houston property, street lamps, and utility poles, and they should not obstruct sidewalks. In addition, distribution is prohibited within 50 feet of a building entrance or exit and cannot occur in parks without a permit.

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors will plan and carry out your campaign under these rules.

What are the rules specific to flyering in St. Louis, MO?

St. Louis allows flyering in public places but not on street furniture or within 50 feet of a building entrance or exit. Moreover, flyering must not obstruct sidewalks and is not allowed in parks - except in designated areas or with a permit - or on private property without consent. Flyering is prohibited on City of St. Louis property, including street signs, traffic signals, and park structures.

Our city manager and brand ambassadors understand these regulations and will comply with them during your campaign

What are the rules specific to flyering in Seattle, WA?

Seattle allows flyering in public places, but such flyering should not obstruct sidewalks or pedestrian traffic. Additionally, flyering is not permitted on public property without permission and on street furniture, such as street lamps or utility poles. Flyering is not allowed within 50 feet of a building’s entrance or exit and is not allowed in parks without a permit. Furthermore,  flyering is prohibited on Seattle Public Utilities property, including Seattle City Light poles and boxes.

Our local city manager and team of brand ambassadors will fulfill your campaign in compliance with these regulations.

What are the rules specific to flyering in Los Angeles, CA?

In Los Angeles, flyering is allowed in designated areas, and is not allowed on private property without permission from the owner. However, flyering is prohibited in certain public areas, like parks and government buildings, and they cannot obstruct traffic or block building entrances. The use of any materials that may cause damage - e.g. glue or tape - is not allowed. 

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors will work to carry out your campaign per these regulations.

What are the rules specific to flyering in Miami, FL?

Flyering in Miami is allowed in designated areas, but only on private property with the owner’s permission, and cannot obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Furthermore, flyer distribution is prohibited in certain areas, such as parks, beaches, and government buildings. Using tape, glue, or any material that may cause property damage is not permitted.

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors will produce your campaign under these rules and regulations.

What are the rules specific to flyering in San Francisco, CA?

In San Francisco, flyering is only allowed in designated areas and on utility poles, parking meters, and trees. The advertising materials must not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic, block building entrances, or interfere with street furniture. Furthermore, the use of glue, adhesive, or any material that may cause damage is prohibited. Flyers must, however, include the name and address of the person or organization responsible for distribution. 

Our local city manager and team of brand ambassadors are committed to upholding these regulations when planning and fulfilling your campaign.

What are the rules specific to flyering in Chicago, IL?

In Chicago, IL, the rules for flyering are regulated by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. Flyering is permitted in designated areas, typically public sidewalks and public parks, and must not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Such flyers must be hand-distributed and cannot be affixed to public property. Brochures also cannot contain sensitive images or language. 

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors will plan and fulfill your campaign per these regulations.

What are the rules specific to flyering in New York City?

In New York, flyering is allowed on public sidewalks, but it should not obstruct pedestrian traffic. Flyering is not permitted on public property such as subway stations, and is not allowed in parks without a permit. It is also not allowed on private property without the owner’s permission, or in ‘Scenic Landmarks’ designated areas. You can hand out flyers in Times Square, but it is regulated and requires a permit from the Times Square Alliance. 

Our local city manager and brand ambassadors will plan and fulfill your campaign in accordance with these regulations.

Who are the most eco-friendly companies in flyering?

Flyering is a popular marketing method, and some of the world's largest brands utilize flyer distribution - but it has an environmental impact. Fortunately, several companies have revolutionized the industry with sustainable flyering practices.

Here are the top five environmentally friendly flyer distribution companies: Leafletdrop, Solopress, Print Revolution, and CitySprint. They utilize walking and cycling for delivery, recycled or biodegradable paper options, soy-based inks, FSC-certified paper, closed-loop water systems, low-emission vehicles, and carbon-neutral delivery options to reduce their carbon footprint. Find out more here!

Of course, Oppizi also has many environmental initiatives in place. We boast a climate-positive workforce and have implemented sustainable production methods - you can discover more about our sustainability promises in this blog.

How does Oppizi respect the planet/ reduce its carbon footprint?

A Oppizi is home to a highly-successful tree-planting initiative, culminating in over 9,400 trees being planted and removing 648 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. We also use FSC-certified products and endeavor to use recycled materials (such as paper) where possible. 
To find out more about Oppizi's sustainability initiatives, check out our blog.

Does Oppizi offer carbon offsetting?

Yes! We offer carbon-neutral flyers in United States. At Oppizi, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible, meaning that all of our processes are conducted with sustainability in mind.

We promote our brand to be green - doesn't flyering go against this?

No - in fact, we are committed to being as green as possible. 

All our flyers are printed via carbon-neutral methods, and we aim to use recycled materials as often as possible. Our printers use eco-friendly inks, FSC certified (or equivalent) products, and sustainable methods. Additionally, we ensure that the number of flyers left over at the end of a campaign is low. We do this by evaluating the ideal number of flyers for each mission prior to printing.